Some of you might remember my Free Realms First Impressions article from last year. 

When I reviewed that game, I spent many hours playing my character - exploring, training, participating in minigames... Whilst it was clearly not for me, it had plenty of free content, items and professions to keep a young teenager busy before and if he decided to open his dad's wallet.

In that game, RMT signs and restrictions was but a minor playing annoyance (refer to the link above), but SOE has now taken The Clone Wars Adventures to a whole new level - and that level is not in terms of quality - but shopping.

You character customisation screen is as basic as you get (even more so than Free Realms). In this game, you cannot customise your hair style, clothes, face features... you are limited to choosing a clone trooper, a human or a twi-lek, your gender, and hair colour. In short, everyone is a clone in the Clone Wars adventures.

Unlike Free Realms, you are not spawned in a tutorial area or the main map to start exploring and/or using your skills - you are taken to "the varanda" - the hub of virtual shopping with flashy icons prompting you to click on them and purchase content. 

You will here note some of the virtual shops that are available to you, as well as a part of your interface which allows you to access the Station Store or the "become a jedi" purchase screen. To become a jedi, essentially, is to subscribe to the game. Yet, as you will find, about 95% of the content and items this game delivers requires subscription. There are extremely few minigames which are available to non-subscribers. What is the price to be a "Jedi"? It starts at $5.99 a month.


All items in the shop or quests displaying the Jedi Order symbol requires a subscription to obtain it or play it. 

You are in what appears to be some kind of jedi operations center building in Coruscant.  The varanda leads to many other instanced yet spacious rooms, featuring NPCs which are at your service to provide you with minigames or items.

I found that most of the limited minigames available to a non-subscriber such as myself were broken. My computer crashed once and other times the loading screen took for ever and I had to force-shut the game. I didn't get any force experience points on that though. SRKIPHIK

The game is in beta stage still, so its understandable. The cash and subscription features seemed to work well, though.

In order to level your character, you need to participate in minigames. Yet, if you are not a "jedi", you will have a hard time levelling up.


Exploration in this game is null. You will run through all the rooms in 20 minutes, after having spent 10 trying to figure out why the camera doesn't move whilst you run around. I suspect some minigames might take you to different locations, but alas they were unavailable to me. 

The handful of minigames I was able to participate were very unsophisticated and straightforward. 

If you don't subscribe to this virtual supermarket, you will get bored in 10 minutes. If you subscribe, this review can't help you find out what that adventure may bring. 

The Good

Absolutely nothing. This is a virtual supermarket with a star wars skin. Money and credits icons will be splashed all over your screen, you won't be able to explore vistas or grind your way up, and classes are limited to jedi or clone trooper. Clone troopers can also operate a lightsaber and for all intents and purposes, are "jedi members".

The Bad 

Quests that crash and are overly simplified. Virtual shops seemed to be very lacking in different gear types and models. Character customisation is very basic. Non-subscribed minigames are a joke.

The Ugly

It resembles more of a virtual shop than a virtual game. If you don't mind seeing the "add to cart" button every so often in your game, then this might not be an issue to you.

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